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We exist to improve lives and protect what matters most. We do this by helping organisations to effectively change attitudes, legislation, and behaviour. If you’re an NGO or ethical business looking to make a positive difference – we can help you increase your reach, improve your efficiency, garner support for the mission, deliver your vision, and boost your bottom line.



We work with charities, businesses and NGOs that care about their impact on the lives they touch, and the world we share.



We passionately believe that charities, NGOs and ethical businesses deserve access to the very best minds. The Good Collective is our solution. We offer support on everything from seed funding, service design, digital product development, fundraising, and sustainability initiatives – to brand, policy, awareness, education, and behaviour change campaigns.



We build brands, campaigns, services and products that make the world a better place.



The Good Collective is an expert network of over fifty campaign, policy, and communication specialists; service designers and product developers; branding experts; senior creatives; technical super stars; and leadership, culture and personal development coaches. All with one shared goal; to improve lives and protect what matters most.



The Good Collective has been busy tinkering away on a wonderful (and undeniably fun!) fundraising initiative that aims to help UK charities through these troubling times – #Haircutforcharity. The project has given us all a welcome (and rare) opportunity to bring our collective years of experience in effective charity fundraising to the table, with total creative freedom. If your charity is in need of a funding boost through lockdown and beyond, we’re here for you. Just click here to find out more and get involved.




The best way to contact us is by email at

You can also call us on +44 (0)20 3813 4337